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Veterinary Public Health: An Integral Part of Global Health

Dr. Aditi Sharma


Innovative Food Safety Training Solution Using Behavioral Sciences To Increase Knowledge Retention And Behavioral Change.

Rob Mancini Msc


Awakening Our Inner Healer: A Multi-Modal Approach to Mental Health Care Inter- ventions

Bonnie Kowaliuk


Multiple Peer-Supported Addictions Recovery Housing Models. Peer Support - An Un- derutilized Resource

Earl Thiessen


Artificial Intelligence with Humanity to Unlock the Secret, the Science, the System, to Supercharge Conversations, Performance and Results

Susan K Younger


A coronavirus air filtration system based technology used in aircraft cabins.

Dr. Michael Seitz


Health care and Herbal Medicines: Should Ayurveda be routinely used in European Healthcare?

Dr Parin Somani


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